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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Amidon's notes on the Walk

Former NDE-coordinator John Amidon is very much present at the Sacred Peace Walk. He writes down his own serious notes with a light touch. Since I met him while he was singing Angel of the morning I quote him on that:

Andre and Annabelle and are from Holland visiting the Nevadea Desert Experience and doing prison work. At one point in his life, Andre had been a disc jockey. [He still is, actually - AdR]

For reasons I can no longer recall we began singing, Angel of the Morning. Andre knew most of the lyrics and soon Mary Ann and I were on you tube listening to a number of different version by the Pretenders, Juice Newton and of course Merillee Rush.. Since Mary Ann and I both enjoy the theater of the absurd, (much of life fits this description and nuclear weapons are truly absurd and so very deadly) and since I quite like Angel of the Morning, I rewrote a version of the song which I hope might be sung at the Nevada Test Site before crossing the line. There are some difficulties though as the song isn't particularly easy to sing. Anyone have a spare karaoke machine they can lend us quickly. Below is Angel of the Test Site. Perhaps soon the Raging Grannies might add it to their song book. Then again, maybe not.
Angel of the Test Site

By John Amidon

(Sung to the music of Angel of the Morning)

There are no cuffs to bind my hands
Not if my love can change your heart.
There is a need to take a stand
Nuclear weapons tear us apart.
I choose to protest now
I see no need to drop the bomb,
So much better not to harm.

Just call me angel of the test site, Angel
Let my heart touch yours before you leave me, Baby.
Just call me angel of the test site, Angel
Then slowly turn away from me.

When the blast turns sunlight dim
Then it won’t matter anyhow.
When we dropped the bomb we’ve sinned
Something I ‘m trying to prevent now
Trying not to be victims of bomb,
Trying to avoid the harm.

Just call me angel of the test site, angel
Just touch my heart before you leave me baby
Just call me angel of the test site, Angel
Then slowly turn away
I won’t beg you to stay with me
Through the tears of the day,
Of the years, baby, baby,
Just call me angel of the test site, Angel
Just touch my heart before you leave me, baby

See John's notes here.

Gonna take Us All, Jon Fromer (RIP

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