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Shut Down Creech

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 3: to the Temple of the Goddess Sekhmet, Holy Thursday

Today the Sacred Peace Walk went in better weather to Indian Springs, past the Creech Airforce Base, where several predators were being flown over for practice.

At a well near the Temple of Sekhmet, we celebrated the Footwashing of Holy Thursday.


8:00 AM: Walk from Hwy 156, Mile Post 106 to Indian Springs Motel (14 miles) or to Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Mile Post 123 (17 miles).


Holy Thursday Foot Washing facilitated by Br. David Buer ofm

(after setting up camp for the night, before dinner and evening program).

7:00 PM: Gather,
7:30: Ritual of Peace, Forgiveness and Healing:
at Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality

Ritual leaders include Sekhmet Temple High Priestess Candace Ross, Poet and Priestess T. Thorn Coyle, Alchemical Fire Mistress Abigail Spinner McBride, and Jewish Wiccan Catholic Worker Jim Haber.

Gonna take Us All, Jon Fromer (RIP

To keep the spirit!


We are all Bradley Manning!