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Shut Down Creech

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 4 Schedule (Good Friday)

8:30 AM: Walk from Goddess Temple back to Indian Springs, or
9:30 AM: shuttle from Temple

Day of rest (as far as walking goes) or after lunch, make up walking so people are ready to step off together on Saturday morning from Cactus Springs.

Some additional forms of Civil Resistance to the Unmanned Aerial Systems at Creech may follow the 10 am rally and Good Friday Service

In the afternoon, if some walkers utilized the shuttles previously, you can return to your last stopping point and walk some more.

NOTE: Lunch, Discussion Groups, Dinner and Chanting are all at the Indian Springs Community Center.

10 AM: Good Friday, at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs including the NO MORE WAR VICTIMS Stations of the Cross Re-enactment

12:30 PM: Lunch and Discussion time at Indian Springs Comm. Cen.

7:00 PM: Kirtan and other devotional chanting led by Priestess and Poet T. Thorn Coyle with drummer and anthropologist Joshua Levin at Indian Springs Comm. Cen.

Gonna take Us All, Jon Fromer (RIP

To keep the spirit!


We are all Bradley Manning!