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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meanwhile, in Great Britain

The Faslane Nuclear Depot, Scotland, was blocked both on Easter Sunday and on April 6th, the first working day after the Easter holidays. The press message to go with the latter action:

We enjoyed taking part in Saturday’s symbolic blockade at the North Gate, but we recognise the need to send a more serious message, and have returned today to exercise our civic responsibility under International Law, to do what we can to stop the work of preparing and maintaining these horrific weapons of mass destruction. At this time of year we reassert our message of Easter, that love is more powerful than hate, and life is more powerful than death.

Six people were arrested, one for spraying a slogan, another for taking down the sign "Faslane Nuclear Depot" and four others for blocking the gateway locked to each other.

On Easter Sunday a camp was set up on Parliament Square, Westminster, London, to  protest the ongoing wars. (Photo).

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