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Monday, August 23, 2010

From droned to drowned

Twenty per cent of the land mass of Pakistan is under water, the morning news tells us. It also stresses that this is the worst natural disaster ever hitting Pakistan.

Strictly speaking this is not true. In 1970 East Pakistan was hit by a worse flooding. It would lead to the independence of East Pakistan under the name Bangladesh. But we should not be lured into the trap of forgetting about recent history (or history in general).

When you look at this map of a fortnight ago the twenty per cent does not sound exaggerated at all. Apart from the flooding of houses, involving many millions of people, crops are wasted which will lead to a next crisis: food shortages, further dependence on imports, rising prices, hunger.

There is talk about donor fatigue. Hypocritically this goes along with the story line about pictures not hitting the right spot with potential donors any more: they are overfed with disaster images.

But "we" were treated with stories about Pakistan's involvement with "the terrorists", millions of people of the inundated Swat valley had been displaced because of the proxy war of the Pakistani army. A war that according to the masters in Washington never was enough whilst Secretary of State Rodham Clinton was insinuating that the Pakistani Army knows full well where Osama bin Laden is hiding (if you know so much about this, why not take action yourself, madame?).

As a slight salute to the lowest human decency we are not informed about drone bombings in Pakistan these days. Maybe they are continuing, maybe not. The people who were droned are now drowning. And since "war-on-turr"-propaganda still works those supposed to give for the needy are not giving. Anyway, they are already paying more than enough for the bombing.

Still, help is urgently needed, and we trust you want to help.

Gonna take Us All, Jon Fromer (RIP

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