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Friday, October 22, 2010

Los Alamos pretrial hearing of the LANL-8

Contact Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA): 505 242-0497
22 October 2010


  LOS ALAMOS, NM  Seven nuclear abolitionists, arrested for trespass
last August as they sat in front of the locked gate of a plutonium
processing facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), will
plead their case to a jury picked from residents of Los Alamos, New
Mexico, where The Bomb was born.

At a pretrial hearing October 21 in Los Alamos Magistrates Court,
Magistrate Pat Casados set a trial date of Tuesday, February 8, 2011
for seven of the eight people arrested last August 6, the 65th
anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Defendant Elias Kohn, a
student at the University of Southern California, pleaded "no contest"
and was sentenced to 60 days probation and fined $500.

  The seven proceeding to trail are Jeff Freitas and Jason Ahmadi
(from California); David Coney and Bryan Martin (from Boise, Idaho);
Sister Megan Rice (from Las Vegas, Nevada); Lisa Fithian (from Austin,
Texas) & Jack Cohen-Joppa (from Tucson, Arizona).

  The LANL-8 were part of a group of over 100 activists who held a
colorful demonstration in the streets of Los Alamos on the 65th
anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. Their march
lead onto LANL property for a ceremony in front of the Chemistry
Metallurgy Research (CMR) building on Diamond Drive, where critical
plutonium engineering for nuclear weapons goes on. Eight people
entered the security gate and sat down peacefully. LANL then asked
local police to arrest the eight activists for alleged "trespassing".

Police were told by demonstrators that the true crime at hand was
continued nuclear weapons production, and the people had assembled to
stop it. Police chose to arrest the eight, who were booked at the jail
and released later that evening. 24-year old Think Outside The Bomb
participant Bryan Martin said, “What I learned this Summer in Chimayo,
New Mexico has led me into dedication as I have begun to realize just
how much there is to overcome to create a positive change in the

   Because the Department of Energy (DoE) is spending billions of
dollars on a CMR Replacement (a plutonium pit facility to continue the
work of the Manhattan Project) many peace activists came from around
the U.S. to Los Alamos to pray and act for peace on August 6th.  The
resisters know that plans to continue developing new nuclear weapons
are a crime against existing international and humanitarian law. They
contend that the Nuremberg Principles oblige all civilians to act to
prevent known criminal activity. In so doing, they went to the older
CMR building to prevent pro-nuclear work there.

“Our action is necessitated by a delay of 65 years in ending the continual
manufacture of nuclear weapons,” said 80-year old defendant Sr. Megan
Rice. “The original Manhattan Project scientists recognized (but
failed to convince the world) that continuing the nuclear weapons
project was intrinsically evil.”

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