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Monday, July 11, 2011

From LVRJ: Activists appreciate nation where everyone has a say

Well done and thank you Jim and Linda, for your Work...

By John Przybys
Posted: Jul. 3, 2011

Jim Haber's and Linda Faso's names might seem vaguely familiar to you, even though it's unlikely you've ever met them in person.

Maybe you've run across their names in a photo caption or a newspaper story. Maybe you've driven by as they were holding picket signs or marching in demonstrations. And when you saw them, maybe you honked your horn in support, or yelled "Get a job!" or offered them a rude single-digit salute.

Haber and Faso are political activists, he for anti-war and pro-peace causes and she for animal rights. Singly and together, they're the living embodiment of dissent, the bedrock American value that not only allows us to disagree -- with each other, with our government, with mainstream society's opinions -- but encourages us to do so.

Independence Day weekend seems a good time to remember that our nation was founded in dissent, and that, even today, we remain happily, usefully and sometimes uncomfortably awash in it.

And it's interesting to note how often in our history dissenting voices -- over slavery, civil rights and women's suffrage, to name a few issues -- have evolved into mainstream thought, all because a handful of Americans got involved, spoke up and raised some democratic hell.

Faso and Haber certainly find it interesting. They're even banking on it happening again.

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